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Google Blog Search – RSS, Hot Queries & Latest Posts

I am a huge fan of Google Blog Search, its pretty much the first place I go to when I’m looking for latest blog posts of my favorite topics like technology, gadgets etc.

Today Google has announced that they have added in some neat feature inside Google Blog Search. So I thought why not give them a quick run down..

1. RSS Subscription: If you are particularly interested about a topic you can now easily follow all the stories of that topic as they come along using your RSS Reader. In case you don’t use a RSS feed reader, Google is also providing an iGoogle gadget that lets you embed the Blog Search front page right inside of your iGoogle home page or any other page where iGoogle gadgets are accepted. Now you can easily browse topics and dig into stories from within the widget, and you can customize the gadget to choose which topics you want to follow and so on. In my opinion this is definitely a nice addition and it should have been there a long back!

2. Hot Queries: Google Blog search now also displays the popular blog searches in a list called “Hot Queries”. It’s an easy way to quickly dive into the trending topics of conversation on the web. Bloggers should definitely keep an eye on this area as this gives a good pointer on what to write about.

3. Latest Posts: This new section sort of displays the new posts from popular blogs right at the Google blog search home page! Google hasn’t provided any criteria on how they select the “popular blogs”, but so far based on my observation I saw that it picks up posts from reputable blogs hosted everywhere (even from blogspot and typepad). So regardless of what blogging platform (free/paid/self hosted) you use, as long as Google thinks your blog has quality – its likely to be picked up.


Twingly Introduced BlogRank and lists Top 100 Blogs

twingly-blog-rank Twingly is a pretty new social blog search engine that lets you search blogs and also perform certain social action (E.g. voting). Recently they have launched a new ranking metric for blogs called – BlogRank (e.g. Like Google’s PageRank) as a way to identify and rank the Top 100 most important blogs in 12 different languages based on their proprietary ranking system. This does seem like what Technorati already does with their “Authority Ranking”.

Personally I like the idea of breaking the blog rank into different segments in accordance to the different blog audience market. However, Having said that – I was hoping if someone could actually come up with a blog ranking based on “country” rather than the language of the blog.

Because a Language like English is so widely spoken that its used as one of the primary language of many blogs regardless of their origin. So the main problem of the current blog rank system is, even if a blogger is from India, he is actually competing with the blogs in the US (Because his language is English).

If the ranking was based on country of origin, then a lot of bloggers from the different parts of the world would get the local recognition that they deserve. And It will also help the users as users are often interested to find out what other blogs are out there from their own local community.

Anyway, Twingly has released a list of Top 100 blog today which is of course very similar to the Technorati Top 100. When someone asked twingly on twitter, how they are actually ranking the sites, they mentioned that they are currently looking at links and Social votes (e.g. Likes).

I tried the Twingly search and I must say that they have done a pretty good job overall. They have a nice little bar on the top which lets you sort the result according to Date, Rank, Links. You can also sort your search result page based on when the blogs were last updated and so on. However, I noticed that Twingly doesn’t show the URL of the blog or the post in their result page. But I believe displaying the URL as necessary as it can help the user to filter out the results more easily.


So if you have a blog and you want people to find you via Twingly, Don’t forget to ping Twingly!