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Twi.tt Lets you Share Almost Everything on Twitter

twi.tt - Share documents, pictures, video, audio, poll on Twitter

Sometimes I feel that there are just way too many applications and services surrounding twitter, but hay – if they are cool and useful I love to plug them and share it with everyone.

Today I stumbled upon Twi.tt – A new web service that lets you SHARE almost anything on twitter.

Share Stuffs on Twitter using Twi.tt

As you can see, by anything I mean absolutely ‘everything’ from pictures, videos, audio, poll and even documents! There is no sign up necessary, if you have a twitter account then you should be able to login with your twitter credentials and use their service.

The best thing about this service is, they allow multiple ways for you to give them the content that you wish to share. For instance, for image sharing they allow you to upload an image directly from your computer, from a web url, from your webcam (coming soon) & also via email (coming soon). Similarly for Audio, you can upload it as an audio file or record directly from your microphone (coming soon).

The only thing that I feel is missing from their service is the basic url shortening. Twi.tt is a great domain, so adding a url shortening service with stats (like bit.ly and su.pr) would be a great addition.

On their settings page they mentions that soon users will be able to send their media files from any email client & mobile phone that supports email.

So try Twi.tt and let me know if you like it!


  • Reply Nick Stamoulis |

    There has definitely been an explosion of Twitter related websites since it’s launch. I think once Twitter turns into a revenue generating monster a handful of those companies will be quickly purchased. Kind of like what Google does.

  • Reply Gravity |

    Totally agreed. Just as google did with You Tube, nd they have their eyes on Facebook aswell. Lets see when twitter comes in…

  • Reply Seo London |

    Yes really good and offer too much of Twitter as twitter is moving up and up therefore it will help users to share there information more easily and effectively.

So, what do you think ?