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Google Bites on 72% of US Search Market

Hitwise has recently released the search market share report for United States. It looks like Google had a pretty steady month with 1% increase in market share, making them number 1 again with almost 72% overall US search market share in November 2009.

Yahoo and bing’s share fell by 7% overall where as ASK’s market share increased by 1 percent.

The Big Question

So now the question is, if that 7% of Yahoo & Bing didn’t go to Google (since their market share was steady from Oct to November) where else could they possibly go?

Is it possible that the whole traditional search economy is sort of breaking and people are moving towards ‘social search’? For instance, previously when someone had a question they would search in Google but now they just send a tweet and within minutes they get 20 real people answering that question rather than a robot (‘crawler’) trying to return relevant pages that may or may not have your answer!

What do you say?

Here is the complete Hitwise Chart of growth/decline of search share for all major four search engines:



  • Reply Gabriel Walsh |

    I don’t want to sound rude at all, but I think you might want to check your math here. October totals up to 98.93% and November to 98.95%. This means the difference above shows only a .02% total change month over month. Further, it was an increase, not a decrease.

    The 5% and 2% you reference seem to be relative percentages. I think that’s where your confusion comes from. Relative to the total, Microsoft “lost” 0.23% and Yahoo lost 0.75%. I’m sure they aren’t happy about this, but I don’t think their small decline shows that the world is turning in droves to twitter for trustworthy or comprehensive research, do you?

  • Reply Saad |

    Hay Gabriel

    Thanks for dropping by. Not a problem, i welcome all sorts of comments here.

    Yes you are right, your argument makes sense however, i didn’t produce the data. Hitwise did. They are a reputable company that records internet traffic/stats and so on.

    The chart that they provided is probably wrong but the percentages are correct.

    And I do believe that we are moving towards social search, Of course Google will still exist, but for a lot of tasks that previously required Google/Yahoo in the past now will be fulfilled by social networks like twitter/fb

    This is just my personal opinion based on the trends that I’m seeing.


  • Reply ETF Securities |

    Google is still king and will be for some time to come. Different trends wiill come but as they do google will develop their own version & still maintain their position at number 1.

  • Reply Oil ETF |

    Under-estimate google at your own peril. They have some of the brightest minds working on making sure they stay at the top. And I believe they will for a time to come.

  • Reply ETF Funds |

    Google is big, smart and secure as they come. There are many bright individuals behind google so it will not fail anytime fast.

So, what do you think ?