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Saad’s Hot Picks – Jan 9, 2009

Search Industry News

Building Links on Your Offline Time – Julie Joyce wrote an excellent article for Search Engine Journal that talks about some ideas of link building on your offline time.

Ask.com Expands Semantic Search Technology – Peter Young, a guest author of Marketing Pilgrim reports that Ask.com has started to use Semantic Search technology on some of their queries. Before this announcement we also figured that Google is doing the same.

Dell is Buying Paid Links – Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped reports that Dell.com is apparently buying links from many High Pagerank sites. I followed up on that with a more extended write up and some specific advice for Dell.

20 PPC Tips For 2009 – Joseph Vivolo shares 20 hot Tips for Pay per Click Advertising.

How To Turn Your Fans & Evangelists Into Friends – Kimberly Bock did a wonderful writeup on how anyone can turn their fans & evangelists in their friends. Her simple 3 step process is to – 1. Be a friend,  2. Be trustworthy and 3. Give credit where credit is due.

Webspam in 2009? – Head of Google Web Spam Team, Matt Cutts wants you to give your suggestion about the areas of web spamming that Google should look into in 2009. His blog post already has over 190+ comments and more on the way.

Are Two Queries Better Than One in Targeting Search Advertisements? – Bill Slawski of SEO By the Sea makes an interesting discussion in regards to one of Google’s recently published a patent application.

Tech Industry News

Yahoo reportedly near decision on new CEO – Yahoo is said to be wrapping up its search for a new chief executive, and a decision could come as early as next week.

Fake CNN site from phishing e-mail hides a Trojan – A new e-mail that is circulating looks like it comes from CNN and links to a fake CNN Web page offering “graphic” video related to the Israel-Hamas conflict but instead hosts a Trojan that steals sensitive data.

I’d Trade 10 Facebook Friends for a Whopper – Burger King has introduced a new Facebook application that is getting lots of attention – “Whopper Sacrifice.” The concept is essentially this: delete 10 of your Facebook friends and get a free Whopper. Each time you remove someone, that action is broadcast to your news feed – apparently, not a big deal to users so far, as more than 50,000 friends have already been sacrificed. Read more at – Mashable.

Five Things Google Could Do For Newspapers – Google CEO Eric Schmidt was asked by Fortune magazine what Google should do to save the ailing newspaper industry.

Twtvite Makes Organizing Tweetups Easy – Twtvite is an easy way to use Twitter or Facebook to create a micro-invite for your friends and followers. You create an invite on the twtvite site, and then micro-message with a tiny URL on Twitter or Facebook. The link takes people back to the site where they can RSVP. More info – Techcrunch


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