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PicClick – Visual Search Engine for Shopping

Its holiday season and you are searching online for the perfect gift for your loved ones – but sadly traditional search engines might not be your best option. Because they return so many results that its very tedious to open up each results and then compare the value, price etc. Moreover people likes to shop ‘visually’ rather than reading a bunch of text.

When you walk by a shop that has put up some of the latest items on their display, you often get attracted to them. The reason is plain simple, Display items has the two most important information that can trigger your buying behavior – The visual display of the product itself, and its price.

PicClick – A Visual Search Engine aimed for shoppers uses the same formula. You just type in what you want and the search engine pulls data from Amazon & Ebay and displays you all the items with each of their individual price at the bottom. You can also search within a certain price range (e.g. From $25-$100) and even localize your search by providing your zip code.

For instance, I performed a search for Clothing and Accessories and PicClick showed me the following:

PicClick Search - Visual Shopping

You can refine your search by further adding keywords or you can use the tab on the top to see results from only Ebay or Amazon.

So try it out today and share your views in comments!

So, what do you think ?