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Oxite – Microsoft’s Open Source Blogging Platform

oxite-microsoft-blogging-platform Microsoft have just released an alpha version of its own open source content management system (CMS) platform – Oxite.

What is Oxite?

Oxite is blogging flavored CMS platform that is currently available under the Microsoft Public License. Its target user base is not ‘end users’ but developers who perhaps use Microsoft’s platform to make a custom CMS or a large-scale multi user blog network. So if your small-medium business is looking to build a blog platform or CMS from scratch, your IT team may well consider making Oxite as their base platform.

Features of Oxite

Some of the major features of this new open source CMS are – Gravatars, pingbacks, trackbacks, RSS feeds, commenting, and the MetaWebLog API (which will allow your favorite blogging client to post to your Oxide blog directly).

Downside of Oxite

Oxite is based on ASP.net (Front End) and MS SQL (back end), thus when we are talking about cost of Hosting we are already looking at a major disadvantage. The reason WordPress, Drupal & other CMS are so popular because they are all written in PHP and backed up by mySQL – thus can run on any cheap linux server.

My Two Cents

Well its always great to see any ‘open-source’ product coming out from Microsoft. But Oxite will disappoint a lot of users who doesn’t want the hassle of setting up a windows server and Microsoft SQL Server for running this CMS. But for big companies or start ups who wants to create a multi user blog network, Oxite might just be be an ideal choice.

Channel 9 has a short interview with the developers of Oxite that describes some more of the software’s features and the history of its development.


So, what do you think ?