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Robert Scoble launches Building43.com

building43logoRobert Scoble, a very renowned technology blogger recently started a brand new project called – building43, which is an online community for all Internet enthusiasts.

What is Building43?

The main objective of Building43 is to help businesses use modern technology and social sites to increase their online exposure and revenue. Now I am hearing a lot of people ask on Friendfeed, how building43 is any different from a traditional tech blog?

Well, based on my initial analysis I found that Building43’s whole focus is more on practical business & tech advice rather than covering tech news like what Techcrunch and Slashdot does. So I believe Building43 has touched a completely different niche and it would be an understatement if we just call it a blog! Its more like an community of similar minded people wanting to become successful on the web and Building43 is sort of trying to be the platform for that.

Now I’m not saying that this concept is new or ground breaking, probably there are handful of other sites that does the same thing – I just don’t know. But why does it matter anyway?! There has always been a handful of ‘everything’ on the web and thats why today we have more options & diversity of the content.

So Kudos to Scoble for starting this wonderful project! The site currently has quite a number of video interviews of some impressive interviewees including Google’s VP of Search – Marissa Mayer, Facebook’s CEO – Mark Zuckerberg, Principal with Union Square Venture – Fred Wilson and many more! Other than the videos, the site also has some blog posts from famous web entrepreneur like Guy Kawasaki and Scoble himself.

They are clearly going to add more and more content as the community grows. Currently they have a dedicated community page where they are showing the building43 twitter & friendfeed feeds.

They are asking the community to share their valuable content via video, blog posts, podcasts, friendfeed comments and tweets. If you are interested to be a part of Building43 in any way, just drop them an email.

To learn more about Building43 just check out their website – www.building43.com and also read what others think about building43:

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