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Notify.me – News Alert Service

News Alert Service If you are a blogger, you have probably noticed that when a news breaks, the person who is the first one to write about it gets all the credit, regardless of what others have to say. Because if you are the first one to write about that particular thing, you will automatically get an advantage over the search engine & also the social media. A lot of people will link to you and vote your content up in the social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon& Reddit. If you are lucky you might even get picked up by media or popular news aggregator like Techmeme.

So how can you stay on top of all the news that’s going around the web? One of the easiest ways is to Sign up with Google Alerts – which is a wonderful free service provided by google that can notify you whenever a certain news story breaks on the web. Currently the notification is provided via Email & RSS. Its a very simple service, where you just need to specify the keywords that you would like to monitor. So whenever any news (that contains that keywords) hits the web, you get an instant email or maybe a daily/weekly digest – depending on the option you choose.

notifyme-google-talk-notificationTechcrunch recently featured another cool web service – Notify.me which is basically a News Alert service as well. But the only difference is, instead of specifying your keywords, you can directly specify which news site that you would like to monitor. So if you are a hardcore fan of Gadgets, you may want to monitor – Engadget & Gizmodo which basically features brand new gadgets everyday. So whenever either of the site updates their site with a new review or news, instantly Notify.me can give you a buzz in your IM or mobile device with the Title of the story & its URL.

I have personally found their service brilliant as I really need to monitor 20-30 websites constantly. The problem with RSS is that its not exactly ‘instant’ because I don’t keep my reader open at all time. Moreover I’m following over a thousand feeds in my RSS reader, so rss has just too much noise for me.

Notify.me has made it really easy for me to constantly follow the sites that are important to me and my work. Whenever those sites are updated i get a instant message in my Google Talk and I can immediately check it out and take an action if I want to.

I’m yet to try their SMS notifications, But I can assume that it works fine. So if you are looking for a service that can help you monitor your favorite news sites – try notify.me today!


  • Reply Julien |

    I totally agree on the fact that real-time is something very very important for bloggers who need to be able to write their stories as fast as possible and inform their readers in a fast and timely manner as well.

    Notifixious is a competitor of Notify.me but we are supporting more channels, and also we have a bunch of plugins and widgets for the main blogging platform so that bloggers allow their readers to subscribe their blog on the channel want.

    you should it a try and feel free to contact me if you have any question!

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