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MindMentor – Your first AI Psychologist

Mind MentorWhen People are affected by emotional problems or issues they are often uncomfortable to talk to someone about it. At times they are even reluctant to see a psychologist. Now, they can confidentially consult online MindMentor, the first robot psychologist. And guess what, It will only cost them €4.95 for one hour session (or about US$7.65 as of today). MindMentor has been developed by two Dutch psychologists specialized in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The system has been tested on 1,600 ‘customers’ from over the world and 47% of them said they were satisfied after only one session! Even though I haven’t tested this myself, but I do find one thing about MindMentor very interesting; Instead of looking at a database, MindMentor uses a personal process to discover the right solution with you. You can see above several images of MindMentor, your future RoboCoach, welcoming you or scratching its head when solving your psychological problems.

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  • Reply Matt |

    Pretty amazing. I’d love to have a go, they should offer a 10 minute free trial (long enough to determine thoughts about it, short enough no-one which reach a solid conclusion and get out of paying)

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