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Work in Facebook Singapore

I know many people from Singapore and Malaysia who always dream of working for a company like Google or Facebook. Google already has well established office in Singapore and they have plans of starting one in Malaysia. But for Facebook to branch out in Asia always seemed like too much of a stretch.

But very recently facebook has expanded into several countries over the past years. The social networking site plans to continue such expansions even in 2010. Now it is focusing on Singapore, where it is planning to open its office before the summer ends. The company has confirmed that it has been successful in obtaining a registered name – Facebook Singapore – from the country’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Laster Chan, a blogger actually went through the trouble of acquiring the BizFile for 5 sing dollers. You can download the document directly from his site here.

According to its ACRA listing, the company’s registered address is at Millenia Tower where law firm Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow is currently based. The law firm provides corporate secretarial services to Facebook which is one of several clients of the firm using the same address for listing and legal purposes.

The company has also listed six job openings for its Singapore office. These jobs are in areas such as business development and sales. As a result, the people who will be hired for these jobs may have to work for expanding the business in neighboring countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. These countries currently have the fastest growing number of Facebook users.

Last March, Facebook has also opened offices in India – in the city of Hyderabad. This sudden expansion of Facebook can be attributed to the growing number of Asian people who use Facebook. There are also other reasons for why Facebook has chosen these two cosmopolitan cities for expansion. Of them, the main reason may be that both these cities can offer a large number of possible employees who can speak multiple languages. This will help Facebook to retain its dominant position in these countries as well as in the neighnoring countries.

In the meantime, Facebook Singapore is planning to look for application developers. For this purpose, it has purchased Octazen, a contact importer firm located in Malaysia. This firm is providing 2 employees to Facebook. These employees will provide services to Facebook Singapore while residing in Malaysia.

(Source: Inside Facebook)

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