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Hakia Search Engine Redesigned

Just recently I blogged about Ask.com Getting a Facelift but now I see that Ask is not alone, Semantic Search Engine Hakia has launched a brand new design for their engine with some new features.

The biggest change I see at Hakia.com is their Tab interface in the redesigned Search Results Page. Now Hakia provides an option to refine your search results to sites that have been gone through review by Hakia to meet strict non-commercial and credibility standards. The results from credible sites, however, are currently limited to only in the health and the environment category.

Hakia Semantic Search Engine

I noticed that The default SERP of Hakia has also changed, for instance now they have a three-column layout which shows Web Results, Images & Sponsored Ads.

Hakia Search Engine New Design

They have also added My Hakia which works just like IGoogle or My Yahoo!; A customizable start page for the Hakia Search Engine.

My Hakia Search Page

Well, I always thought Hakia was a promising engine specially because they included Semantic Technology on their engine. However I still don’t think they have done enough to even stand near it’s competitors.

So, what do you think ?