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Will there be a Google Super Bowl Ad?

super-bowl-adSeveral sources are speculating that, Google may actually have bought an ad spot in the big super bowl game tomorrow.

Google has never spent big bucks on advertising/marketing their products or brand but looks like they are feeling a little bit of pressure from their competitor Bing who has already spent millions on advertising since their launch. Now why do you think they are feeling the sudden pressure? Is it because of the fact that – Bing made a big search deal with Facebook earlier this week which will enable facebook’s 400 million user base to search the web using bing?

According to John Battelle, the ad is going to be Google’s Parisian Love ad that was posted under search stories on youtube. I have embedded the ad below so check it out.

Just when everyone is talking about this possible rumour, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt tweeted this out:

Can’t wait to watch the Superbowl tomorrow. Be sure to watch the ads in the 3rd quarter (someone said “Hell has indeed frozen over.”) — Eric Schmidt

So there is a high possibility of a Google ad in the super bowl after all! So watch out…

P.S – Google is currently not in the super bowl ad lineup according to a list posted by USA Today.

Update: Techcrunch is speculating that this may be a Nexus One ad. Personally I believe that makes good sense!

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