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Google SearchWiki with Sound Effects

My recent article about how to remove SearchWiki has created some Buzz, so much buzz that it went to the front page of digg. But there were mixed feelings – as many readers commented in the digg article and also in my blog that they “like SearchWiki”. Well I can’t blame them.

To some people SearchWiki seems like a wonderful service (everyone likes the idea that they can play around with the result page…), but there are many (including me) who still feels that SearchWiki is something that should be optional!

But what the heck, if you like SearchWiki I have something cool for you — Google SearchWiki with Sound Effects!

Google SearchWiki with Sound Effects

Google just added a new opt-in experiment for search results: SearchWiki with sound. By now I am sure you already know that you can click the “x” next to a specific result (to delete it), resulting in an animation of an explosion as part of the current SearchWiki feature.

But if you join the experiment of SearchWiki with Sound Effects, you’ll additionally hear a sound during that explosion (recorded by Google co-founder “Sergey Brin himself”, as Google says). Screen shot provided below:



So, what do you think ?