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Google PageRank Update Q4 2008

Earlier many webmasters speculated that there was a Toolbar Pagerank Update on-going in December 2008.

Today just before New Year’s eve Google surprised everyone with their Toolbar PageRank update rolled out to every website. Majority of the upcoming sites that I have seen gained PR, some has lost and for some it stayed the same.

I’m particularly not fascinated by Toolbar PR. Toolbar PR is just a small representation of your site’s actual “Pagerank”. As long as your site is ranking well for the terms that you target and you are getting substantial amount of traffic from the search engines, you are doing just fine.

So unless you plan on selling your pagerank via links, I don’t see any reason for you to be excited or sad for any positive/negative Pagerank changes.

See what others are saying about this Pagerank update on Twitter.


  • Reply Shirley |

    I guess I am one of the people who ARE fascinated by pagerank. lol. You are right, in the overall scheme of things, it means very little. But pagerank is useful as a way of determining the authority of a website or if you are adding advertisers… (As for authority, I browse the internet with a pr toolbar plugin, and I regard website with a high PR as more authoritative.)

  • Reply Balakrishna |

    Offcourse, you need to have high page rank with good traffic. In online business without a massive traffic there is use of site popularity or page rank.

  • Reply Me Debt Free |

    Here is a wierd thing happened to my site. It got PR3 in the update but still gets NO traffic from Google!!!! My keywords do rank but are still way down the radar for people to click on my link. Its a very saturated market I think.
    This is proof to me, that PR has nothing to do with traffic whatsoever.

  • Reply Home Security Alarms |

    Given the choice its far better to have traffic than page rank. Some PR 1 or 2’s make far more money than some 4 or 5’s. Yes you might be able to sell avertising a little easier on higher PR sites, but I’d go for the steady, consistant income from other revenues.
    To me PR as a “nice to have”.

  • Reply Bill M |

    The best google rank is to write good unique content. This is the best way vs. trying to duplicate someone else’s work

  • Reply Saad |

    @Shirley – I agree. If you want to sell advertisement on your site then PR is very important.

    @RealtyRankings – Lol Fools bar? How did he come up with the name…

    @Me Debt Free – Toolbar PR update happens once every 2-3 months..but the actual PR is calculated + updated almost every day.

    So even if you get the PR update on a specific date…It doesn’t mean that the effect of that PR update starts happening from that day itself.

    Matt Cutts did answer some questions here:


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