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Do you like Google’s New Favicon?

Have you noticed that Google has a New Favicon? Favicon is the small icon that sits right next to the address bar in your browser. For instance, my favicon is the cartoon head that you can see right next to the address bar and also on your browser tab.

So what about Google’s Favicon? Here it is –


Personally, I don’t really like it because its just too colorful. I still prefer the original Google Favicon. Barry is running a poll @ Search Engine Roundtable and so far the results are pretty competitive. Out of 190 votes, 35% likes the new favicon and 36% likes the original favicon. Make sure you cast your own vote too.

Google has developed many favicons that they have never used. Here’s a sampling that they shared last June in the official Google blog:


So do you like this new favicon? Share in comments!


  • Reply zeeshan |

    well i dont think any one pays attention to it now, since every body is benefiting a lot from google’s services, no body likes to dislike google’s products, be it the favicon or the privacy invading google street view….

  • Reply Rajeev Edmonds |

    This one is better than the previous one. I think they should not change their favicon frequently. Their new favicon more or less looks like a tiger footprint. Hmmm…

  • Reply Shirley |

    I do like the favicon. At first, I wasn’t so grazy about it, but it has definitely grown on me. Now, whenever I flip through dozens of Firefox tabs, I can easily spot my Google page.

  • Reply Saad |

    Yeah I guess ultimately it just depends on what you are used too. Once you get used to with the new thing, it won’t bother you.

  • Reply Executive Coaching |

    Actually I just have been recognized as an “inspiration”. And I’m really happy about this mention. But it would be a fantastic idea a visit to Googleplex hehe, I’m a glover too =)

So, what do you think ?