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Google Maps Now Suggests Places

google-maps-logo Google Maps has recently launched a new and nifty feature that automatically makes suggestion to similar places that you may like based on your search query in maps. So if you search for a restaurant that you love, Google maps will automatically suggest other restaurants on that area that you may love.

According to the Google LatLong blog, suggestions to places aren’t based on a specific characteristic. Google uses a “broad set of signals” to deliver recommendations.


Even though this feature is not available in Malaysia/Singapore yet for me to test out, I really feel that this feature will be extremely useful for travelers who are searching for hotels, restaurants or bars in any given area.

Search Engine Land recently pointed out that Google Maps will also be rolling out yet another compelling feature that will enable you view inside of the store. Similar to street views, Google Store Views will allow people to visually walk into the store from Maps. Now that’s cool!

So, what do you think ?