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Google Goggles

google-gogglesGoogle has just launched a new application for Google’s Android based mobile phones that will allow people to search for more information by simply pointing their mobile camera to the object and taking a photo using the Google Goggles App.

Google Goggles has been developed to recognize popular tourist attractions, famous paintings and even company logos. Once a User focus their phone’s camera on an object, Google automatically compares certain elements of that picture against its vast database of images. When Google finds a match, it straightaway shows the name and also provides a list of results linking through to the relevant web pages and news stories.

How Does Google Goggles Work?

So How does it work? Well, if you have Google Goggles installed on your android phone just open the app, snap a photo and voilà! Google will process the image and return your search results. This whole new photo search functionality totally eliminates the need to type or say anything on your mobile device, and it adds context to your real-world surroundings. Makes perfect sense!

For First timers, simple ho to Android market from your phone and search for “Google Goggles” and you will find the app!

Check out this video to see what else you can do with Google Goggles!

Thats not all. Google is also able pinpoint your location using your phone’s GPS functionality and digital compass built in to many of the phones that run Google’s Android operating system. Google says it can already has tens of millions of objects and places in the google image database for comparison.

“Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words,” said Shailesh Nalawadi, product manager for Google Goggles. “For many search queries, using an image to search is easier and more useful than text alone, especially on a mobile phone. Computer vision technology is still in its infancy, but Goggles demonstrates its potential.”We are hard at work extending our recognition capabilities. You can imagine a future where visual searching is as natural as pointing your finger.”

To Learn More about Google Goggles, please head over to – http://www.google.com/mobile/goggles/

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