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Google Docs Auto File Upload

Google Docs Supports Automatic File Upload

Google Docs has recently added an option to upload files directly from any web address. However it’s not very useful if you want to load many documents or you want to add a link for uploading a document. Here’s the direct link that can be used to open a document from the web in Google Docs:


This command will for documents (.doc/.txt/.html/.rtf/.odt), spreadsheets (.xls/.csv/.ods), presentations (.ppt) and PDF files.

If you are using Windows OS, you can easily create a batch file that can automate this whole upload process and allow you to upload multiple files to Google Docs (Your web browser needs to be open and you have to be logged in to your Google Account).

Google Operating System blog showed a nice way of creating the batch file in windows:

First of all open your Notepad and type in following text and save it as a .bat file.
start /d “%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox” firefox “http://docs.google.com/?action=updoc&formsubmitted=true&uploadURL=http://www.fireworksafety.com/pdfs/FireworkSafetyTest.pdf”

start /d “%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox” firefox “http://docs.google.com/?action=updoc&formsubmitted=true&uploadURL=www.fs.fed.us/fire/safety/wct/2002/brochure_2002.pdf”

Once you run the .bat file, two PDF files will be automatically uploaded in your Google docs. Similarly this can be applied to other type of document files too.

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  • Reply eric smith |

    Saad, this method doesn’t seem to be working anymore. However, you might be interested in GDocsOpen, a small app I wrote, which is able to upload/edit using Google Docs any document on your PC.
    Hope this helps…

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