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Google Dashboard

google-dashboard If you have been using internet for a while then its very likely that you use quite a number of Google services. For instance, my net life is purely surrounded by Google – starting from my email (Gmail), IM (Google Talk), documents (Google Docs), search (Google Serch), photos (Picasa), Feeds (Google Reader), Calendar (Google Calendar), Online Payments (Google Checkout) – everything is just Google. Since everything in Google is sort of “inter connected”, it’s really scary to think of how much Google knows about each of us.

Google Dashboard, is a new portal which sort of tells you all that Google knows about you. It lists down all the Google services that you are a part of and includes details of your last actions. For instance, it shows you the last search you performed on all the different Google search engines (web, maps, video etc) by pulling the data directly from Google’s Web History. Other google services that are listed on the dashboard currently are: Gmail, Alerts, Picasa, Blogger, Calendar, docs and many more.

Google is yet to disclose the specifics of the Dashboard and what else they are planning to offer there. But they do have a video up which sort of explains the dashboard briefly. Have a look:

So, what do you think ?