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Google Commerce Search

google-commerce-search Google is slowly trying to tap into the online commerce market by launching yet another product for this specific niche (after Google Checkout) – Google Commerce Search.

So If you’re running your own online shop, this brand new Google Commerce Search may be worth looking at. Google describes this as a “search solution designed specifically with online retail enterprises in mind.”

You can easily upload your product data at the Google Merchant Center, and go on to customize your site’s search engine. Google’s admin console lets you “manage product promotions, upload synonym dictionaries” and control various search options. Unlike many other Google products, this service isn’t free. You will be invoiced based on the amount of items in your data, as well as the number of searches performed every year. But I noticed that they stated somewhere on their website that pricing starts from $50,000/year. So this solution is definitely not ‘cheap’ for small-medium sized eCommerce stores.

Google promises to integrate Google Commerce Search with other Google products like Google Analytics and Google Product Search. Using Commerce, retailers can measure clicks, conversion rates, number of transactions, average order value and other data via Google Analytics. And e-commerce vendors can provide a single feed of products and catalogue items that will power Commerce and indexing of their products on Google Product Search. Product Search (formerly Froogle) will blend shopping results within Google’s existing web search.


Google writes:

Google Commerce Search is hosted in the cloud, meaning it lives online, so e-commerce sites can get up and running quickly. Using a cloud search tool will also help site owners meet the rise in demand from the holiday rush without having to devote extra time or resources to worrying about their capacity or infrastructure. Online retailers are free to focus on their business, while Google focuses on search, and shoppers can find what they need faster.

Check out the introduction video of Google’s Commerce Search from Youtube:

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    Certain things can still be done for cheaper than 50K a year. If you have a YAhoo store you can send your data to Google Merchant (formerly known as Google Base) for under nine bucks per month.

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