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Google Buzz inside Your Gmail

google buzz Earlier today, Google has announced their new social media product called – Google Buzz which can be accessed from the site – buzz.google.com.

What is Google Buzz?

I personally think Google Buzz is Google’s answer to all the social media / micro-blogging sites that are out there, such as twitter, facebook, friendfeed and so on. Buzz is a dedicated page under Gmail which sort of brings status updates, links, videos and other shared features all in one place.

If you have seen/used friedfeed or Facebook’s newsfeed before then this should be a very familiar concept for you. The beauty of the product is that all these will sit right inside your Gmail, thus you don’t have to go to a separate website but just one place where most of us always go to – our email inbox!

Google Buzz and Gmail will sort of share the same contact list. So whoever you send emails to often or friends with via Google chat are to be treated as your friends/contacts in Google Buzz.

Currently Google Buzz can pull data directly from the following services:
– Flickr
– Twitter
– Picase Web
– YouTube
– Blogger
– RSS feeds connected to your Google Profile (e.g. Blogs)

How Does Google Buzz Work?

Google Buzz basically appears as a inbox/page inside your Gmail navigation (you may not see it immediately as it will be slowly rolled out in couple of days). At first Google Buzz will notify you how many people you already be auto-following based on the number of existing Google contacts you have in your Gmail account.

When using Google Buzz you can choose to share Buzz updates publicly or privately on a post-by-post basis. You can easily hand select the posts that you don’t want to be public and only to be shared among groups or individual contacts that you specify.

Here’s how Buzz will look once it’s part of your Gmail account:

google buzz interface

Official Google Buzz Introduction Demo

Google Buzz on a Mobile Device

Google has done some interesting thing with Buzz for mobile devices. First of all, any iPhone and Android users can access Buzz by visiting buzz.google.com on their mobile browsers. There are no dedicated apps for the mobile devices yet. Buzz does a lot of things with location on the mobile. A “nearby” view shows public updates in your vicinity — which is very similar to what Foursquare and Gowalla does. Google Buzz is also nicely integrated with Google Maps. Check out the video below to learn more:

How to Activate Google Buzz in your Gmail?

Google buzz will be slowly rolled out to everyone. So no special activation is necessary. Just keep refreshing your gmail page until you see buzz in the navigation! (Just kidding..)

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