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Google Buzz Buttons for Your Blog

Google Buzz is designed for social networking as well as sending messages to friends. Many users also share interesting web links that they like through Google Buzz. However, unlike other sites where links could be shared directly, users would first have to copy the link from the site and then paste it inside Google Buzz. As a result, they needed to leave one browser window to go to another. This might not seem like a huge problem for people who share one or two links every day. However, imagine the condition of the active users of Google Buzz – who share around 30 to 40 links every day. They must have gotten real tired with using Google Buzz.

In order to make it easier for its users to share links through Google Buzz, popular sites like TechCrunch and Mashable included Google Buzz buttons in their sites. Google followed the lead of these sites and tried to create buttons which could be included in other sites. The result was Buzz buttons that Google made available on its site (buzz.google.com/stuff). Users will be given a simple JavaScript snippet that they can just copy and paste to get the Google Buzz Buttons up and running on their site.


According to Google, The Official Google Buzz buttons will be visible on several popular sites such as Buzzzy, The Washington Post, The Next Web, The Huffington Post, TweetDeck, Glamour, Vinehub, YouTube, Disqus, Blogger, PBS Parents, MySpace, PBS NewsHour, GigaOM, Social Work and many other mainstream media websites. Even TechCruch and Mashable have dropped out their own version of Buzz buttons that they created, and included Google’s official Buzz buttons on their site.

So, what do you think ?