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Google Adwords Search Ads Now Showing Images

Today Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land reported that Google is now showing images in Google’s online advertising platform adwords.

For instance, if you search for bluenile in Google Search, most of the time it returns a search ad for Blue Nile on the top of the SERP.

However This is not a regular search ad that you see every day, Do you notice a small “+” sign just before the Ad that says “Show products from Blue Nile for bluenile.”? If you click on that link, it opens up three product results directly from Blue Nile. Check out the screen shoot below:

Whats most interesting is the amount of space it takes once the user presses the expand button. Barry measured one ad to be 370 pixel tall.

My Two Cents
Well I like Google because they are always trying out new things rather than sticking with a conventional way of advertising. They are the first to come up with “contextual advertising” and now they are just implementing different features to give users a better experience and also to make “more money”.


So, what do you think ?