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Google Adsense for Dormant Domains

Tamar @ Search Engine Roundtable reported that Google has expanded their Adsense for Domains to all publishers.

What is Adsense for Domains?

Adsense for domains is a way for you to show Google adsense ads in your dormant domains. (Domains that are currently not in use). So this service is simmilar to the “paid parking” service that you are probably familiar of. Adsense for domains was available to selected adsense publisher for quite some time, but it seems like Google has decided to open it up everyone.

What is My Take on Adsense for Domains?

  • If you are a Publisher, you can by all means try it out and go for it. So If you got 1000 dormant domains, go ahead and install Adsense for domains on each of them…Pollute the web even more. (I’m assuming Google is going to index all of your sites because thats how they are supposed to make money right?).
  • If you are an Advertisers, Bad news for you! If you are currently bidding on the content networks, Google has not provided any option yet to opt-out from your ads showing in those low-quality dormant domains. So you might end up spending a lot more on Adwords Content Network for poor / low quality traffic that might not convert for you. (Not everyone is as lucky as Efficient Frontier)
  • Google has strict policy about displaying advertisements on pages that doesn’t have any content. From Google’s Adsense TOS:

    – No Google ad may be placed on any non-content-based pages.

    – No Google ad may be placed on pages published specifically for the purpose of showing ads, whether or not the page content is relevant.

    Now my question is, if they can allow running ads on dormant domains (which has no content, btw), why wouldn’t they allow running adsense ads on non-content based pages. Aren’t they just contradicting themselves?

  • Google always talks about “search quality” and “user experience”. Now I certainly don’t see parked pages being indexed & possibly ranked in Google to help in any of those. If the domain is undeveloped how / why would users even look for ‘relevant information’ there and why would it be even included in the Google Index? (To fool user in clicking those ads…?)

Is Whats up with Google? Are they becoming too Selfish & Commercial? Share your views in comments!

Update: Techcrunch points to this Guide – which basically shows you how an advertiser can block Domain Parked Sites in Google AdWords.


So, what do you think ?