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Get Yahoo on your Andorid Phone

Yahoo has finally released Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail & Yahoo! Messenger for the Android mobile platform. With the yahoo search widget, android users can access web search directly from their mobile’s home screen.

yahoo mobile andorid

The user interface of this widget is pretty simple and fits nicely on the size of your phone screen. You can interact with the widget by not only typing (via the touch screen) but also using your own voice. (Yes, it supports voice input, but I believe this is a feature of the phone/android OS itself). But regardless of how you enter the query, Y! search suggestions will help you to find what you’re looking for. The new Yahoo! Mobile search results also shows different shortcuts, news and deeper results only a tap away. For instance if you search for “world cup” it gives a concise set of the latest scores and news, with deeper results about the games, the players the stats and so on.

Yahoo Search Widget for Android

To get Yahoo! search widget on your android phone, firstly download the app from the Android Market and then touch and hold your homescreen. A list will popup, select Yahoo Search from the widget menu — and viola; it’s going to be on your home screen!

Yahoo Mail & Messenger for Android

Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger is also available on all Android devices now as standalone applications, but are also integrated to provide an optimal Yahoo! communications experience. Both the apps comes with features like rich text formatting, Yahoo! emoticons, and access to the Yahoo! Address Book, in apps that are designed from the ground up for the Android platform.

Features Yahoo! Mail App for Android:

– Push notification of new email messages
– Availability of Yahoo! Address Book as well as contacts in the native phone address book
– Good Search Feature. You can search email messages by sender, recipient, subject and keywords in the body of the email
– You can upload photos as attachments directly from camera or your android’s photo gallery
– You can toggle between the Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger apps with ease

Get Yahoo! Mail App for Andorid here.

Features of Yahoo! Messenger App for Android:

– Easy Contact management. Check friends’ status updates & availability as well as update their own status & availability
– Send instant messages to friends via SMS text messages
– Y! Messenger can run in the background with full multitasking support
– Full use of emoticons and rich text formatting
– Send photos to friends directly from the phone’s camera or the photo gallery

Get Yahoo! Messenger for Android here.

You can try out the Yahoo! Search widget and other available yahoo widgets by scanning the barcode below with your Android phone.

Yahoo Barcode for Android

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