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Freckle – Online Time Tracking Service

freckleThose who are doing freelance work or running a Small Business, its something pretty hard to keep track of your own time. For instance, if you are a programmer and you are working for a lot of clients – you really need to keep track of your time so that you can bill each one of them accordingly. Similarly if you are providing consultation service to a client and also helping him with his website, you really need to keep track of how much time you spend on each of the individual tasks.

Freckle is an awesome web-based time management service that lets you do just that! The best thing that I liked about freckle is its easy to use interface and their thoughtful implementation of Ajax throughout the site.

So all you need to do is, enter the time you spent on a particular project and tag it accordingly. So for instance if you have spend 2 hours writing a report for Project X, you can just write 2h in the first column and Give a Project Name or Client Name in the second column and lastly add multiple tags or a good description to log it in your account.

Currently they have different types of account and all of them has a 30-day Free Trial period. So you can try out their service, and you can pay and continue after a month only if you find it useful for you. They also have a personal account which is 100% Free but only allows you to manage one client with one user access. Some of their more advanced accounts allows multiple users thus you can sign up for an account for your business and give Freckle to all your employees.

So head over to letsfreckle.com to sign up for a risk free 30 days trial account.

My Two Cents

Freckle is a really cool web service that I myself will be using for keeping track of my time. The only downside of this service is they don’t help you with counting the time. So for instance, If I’m working in a project I need to manually keep count of how many minutes/hours I have worked on it and then log it inside freckle. But if Freckle could give me a stopwatch which could do the counting for me then it would have been really cool. But I understand that they are new and they are going to improve their service based on the feedback they receive from their customers. I have already suggested some features to them via their Feedback form and I hope to see some of them included in the next version.

Update: Amy Hoy from Freckle’s support team recently emailed me and said that they are already working on a timer and it will be included sometime in January. So i guess this is a great news for all Freckle users! I’m really looking forward to it.


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