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Firefox 3.5 RC – 2x Faster than FF 3.0


If you are a Firefox fan like me that you will be happy to know that the Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate (RC) is already out! I’m particularly excited about this version of Firefox is because its very fast compared to the previous version of Firefox (They mentioned that its 2 times faster than Firefox 3.0). The official final release has been scheduled for the end of June but you can just go ahead and download the RC version which works just fine. Read ahead for the download link..

What’s New in Firefox 3.5

There are quite a number of improvements and addition in this new Firefox. Firstly, the thing that really irritated me over the years about Firefox is its poor memory management & leaking problem. I tested this new version vigorously and I feel that it is much more stable than any other Firefox versions ever released. I could easily open 20 over tabs and load videos, java script & ajax on them simultaneously without any lag or memory issue.

I have also noticed a significant increase in Speed on this new release, however having said that – Google’s Chrome is still the fastest in my opinion.

New feature wise, Firefox 3.5 has a private browsing mode – the so-called ‘porn mode’, or as Mozilla’s engineering vice president Mike Shaver called it, in an interview with IT PRO a ”job-hunting mode.” For people who are concerned about their privacy, Firefox 3.5 has a very neat tool that lets users to clear all private data or activity over the past few hours.

It also has ‘tear off tabs’ feature, which basically lets users to drag a tab out of its existing spot and open it in a new window (This has been in chrome and opera for a long time). Firefox 3.5 users can also watch videos inside Firefox browser without the need of installing any plug-ins using open format Ogg Theora files.

Download Firefox 3.5 RC

– Just visit the official Firefox 3.5 RC website – http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.5/releasenotes/

– Click on the “Download Now” link on your right!

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