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Falcon – Browser Based Image Editor

browser-based-image-editorOften times when I’m at work or at any other location away from my personal computer (which has piles of softwares and tools installed) – I often feel in need of many softwares which I don’t get access to on spot. Google & Zoho has made my life a lot easier with their complete web based office suite. However when it comes to photo editing, I miss Photoshop & Gimp a great deal. But do you know that you can also edit images online just like any other cloud hosted application?

Edit Images Right from your Browser

I’m totally blown away by the new Browser based online image editor – Falcon, which is brought to us by the great – aviary.com. Aviary which itself is a full online photo editing & creation tool has always been awesome, but their new creation is more simplistic and easy to use for day to day photo editing.


You can quickly grab and edit images within your browser and also run it on any OS platform as its completely web based. Falcon currently offers a simple subset of tools which was previously only available in Adobe Photoshop. These tools are very useful to bloggers and others who spend a lot of time manipulating and editing images on the fly.

The best part of this cool service is in its Firefox plugin called Talon, which let’s you grab a screen shot on the fly at any time and automatically upload them into Aviary’s browser-based editing platform.

During your capture, you are given the choice of capturing a portion of the screen, the entire viewed screen, or the entire page (below the fold). The option of capturing the entire page is extremely useful; and a feature that many advanced photo editors doesn’t have.

How much Does it Cost?

Well its Free for most usage. Once you are done editing your image, you can save the image as a PNG or JPG either on your desktop or host it on Aviary. If you become their Pro member, you will be privillaged to get some additional storage options like privacy and watermark control for $24.99 per year.

How to use this Online Image Editor

So if you still haven’t tried Falcon – Just head over to the website – http://aviary.com/launch/falcon and try this amazing service. You don’t need to register or signup in order to test it. Just click on the link and it will load the photo editor right in your browser. If you wish to grab photos and take screen shot then don’t forget to install the firefox plugin – Talon!

So, what do you think ?