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Facebook’s New Photo Upload Tool

facebook-photo-upload Facebook, which is one of the most popular sites on the internet with over 400 million registered users and 2.5 billion photos has recently rolled out a new tool to make the whole photo uploading process seamless & a lot easier.

Facebook Photo Uploader

Earlier today the official facebook blog announced this new photo upload browser plugin that includes a built in photo navigator that should make it very easy to choose the photos you want to upload right from your hard drive. And once you’ve started the photo upload process, you can browse to another page — the plugin will keep uploading the files in the background without any interruption. This tool be definitely be useful for those users who uploads a massive number of pictures everyday.

facebook photo uploader tool

As you can see from the screenshot above, the top half of the photo uploader interface basically shows folders in your desktop, the lower half shows the photos you are going to upload. The tool automatically gives a notification once the upload is completed.

My Two Cents

Well, this definitely looks like a great feature for heavy facebook photo uploaders. However, Installing a new browser plugin is not something that everyone loves doing. In many places users are browsing facebook on a locked down browser and it would be a shame if they can’t upload photos just because they can’t install this plugin on the browser.

So I think Facebook should make this photo upload tool a recommended choice for all users but at the same time keep running their traditional photo upload system alongside. A complete replacement of the old system would just result in panic & dissatisfaction by many of their users.

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