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Facebook URL Shortener – FB.me

facebook-url-shortenerFacebook has launched their own URL Shortener – FB.me. If you go there it will basically redirect you to Facebook.com. So if your Profile URL is say – http://www.facebook.com/Starbucks, now you can even write it as http://fb.me/starbucks and it will still go to the exact same page.

Facebook currently doesn’t allow you to make any short URLs using this new url shortener. But if you use facebook mobile, you may start noticing long urls such as – m.facebook.com being replaced by fb.me.

Eventually I think Facebook will launch this site-wide and automatically shorten all URLs posted in Facebook with FB.me. Now the real question is how is this going to be any different from other URL shortner like bit.ly or su.pr?

Well I hope Facebook will be able to innovate and take this whole URL shortening to the next level. For instance, some social bookmarking sites like Digg & stumble upon has their own URL shortening service that adds a toolbar on top of the page that you are browsing. With that on page toolbar, users can make a comment or even take an action (i.e. Stumble/Digg on this case). So if Facebook sort of goes along the same line, I believe users will be able to interact with the links even more with their “Likes” & “comment” feature.

What do you think?


So, what do you think ?