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Facebook Suggested Interests

Do you guys remember the very controversial Twitter suggested user List? Guess what, Facebook is following the same path and now suggesting interests (a.k.a Facebook pages) to new Facebook users.


How does this help Facebook? Simple – It provides more traction on the site for new users. When a user joins Facebook for the first time, he is likely to have very limited friends/connections. But in order to really understand the value of Facebook or in other words ‘get addicted to it’, users need to start building all these connections. So Facebook is sort of helping you to build these connections, not by showing up random people to “Add as a friend” but more in the line of showing you public figures, celebrities, brands that you may like. Once you tell Facebook what your interests are, respective updates will start showing up in your News feed.

Currently some of the suggested interests are: Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Shane Dawson, Xbox, Skittles, Monster Energy, Dr Pepper, World Cup, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Toy Story, Futurama, Playstation, The Office and many more! These suggested interests are basically the old Facebook Fan pages that was later changed to just “Facebook Pages” and the action of becoming a fan was changed to “Like”. Many brands & celebrities are putting a feed of their facebook page as a widget on their own websites where the visitors can interact as well.

Other than pure usability, Facebook will also get a lot of benefit from this implementation in terms of Advertising (thus $$$). If all new users starts telling Facebook from Day 1 that they like Starbucks coffee, domino’s pizza & lady gaga – it gives Facebook a lot of new ad inventory for more targeted advertising which they can later sell to their advertisers.

It is also possible that Facebook will have deals with certain brands to show them as a suggested ‘interest’. Facebook however says: “The list of Pages is strictly determined by an algorithm, so none of the suggestions is sponsored and Page administrators can’t pay or ask to be included.”

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