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Facebook Made Changes to Status Updates

facebook-logoFacebook, the world’s most popular social networking site, has been on the news for some time now. Over the past year, it has been making a lot of changes in its website in order to make the experience of social networking hassle-free for both its users and developers. It is back on the news radar again. This time it has focused its attention on applications which are used for status updates.

There are a number of applications on Facebook through which users can update their statuses – a method called “stream publishing”. Previously, Facebook allowed these statuses to be of as many words as users wanted. However, on April 8, the company announced – through a post published on the facebook developers page – that it was going to making a few changes to the stream publishing method. First of all, the statuses can no longer be of unlimited words. In fact, the word limit is now 420 characters only.

Facebook did not provide any additional information on how it arrived at this figure. Although many users may initially perceive the limit as too low, they would be happy to know that the limit is still much higher than those provided by other social networking sites. For instance, Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters for each tweet. Many users had not been at all surprised by this announcement since they had started facing the limit long before the announcement came.

Also, users can no longer put any action link or attachment on the statuses – making users more aware of the difference between normal status updates and status updates through applications. However, if the users decide to use the action links and attachments, the status will show as a “regular stream story” – instead of a “status update”. In this case, the users cannot view the statuses on the upper part of their profiles. Neither can their Friends will find the statuses on their States Updates page.

This news may be disappointing to developers of the applications since the move by Facebook removes some of the fun of updating statuses through applications. However, the social networking site believes that the move will allow the applications to be similar to status.set.


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