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Facebook Status Trends 2009

facebook logoFacebook status updates are a way for facebook users to share what’s on their mind (or what they are doing – similar to a “tweet”). Recently facebook has released some amazing data, which are harvested from anonymously tracking millions of Facebook status updates throughout the year 2009.


Facebook is calling this Facebook Memology, which is sort of like a compilation of popular topics and trends in Facebook. Its interesting to see that Facebook showed Facebook Applications as one of the most popular trend which was dominated by the annoying app FarmVille and Farm Town! I remember the days when my facebook account was filled with farmville invites & updates, as everybody was playing them. Luckily now I managed to block them all from showing up in my stream. But apparently majority of the facebook users doesn’t do that and in fact they enjoy playing games like farmville. Mashable recently wrote a post with a chart which showed FarmVille user base is much bigger than the whole of Twitterverse!

I don’t know how “Yard” made it to the list! Is it possible that “Yard” was also a part of some stupid facebook game? Anyway if you enjoy these stats you can become a fan of the Facebook Data Team, also get more details of the Facebook memology here.

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    Farmville is so addictive! Do you not think that it’s getting ruined by all the hacks and apps being released, you don’t have to work for anything anymore!

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