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Facebook As Your Homepage

set-facebook-as-homepage Facebook is now encouraging its users to set “Facebook.com” as their homepage right in the login page of facebook. If you look at the screen shot you will see a checkbox underneath the password field which reads “Set Facebook as my homepage”.

So when a user checks that option and tries to log in using his credential, Facebook will not only log him on but will also change his default homepage in his browser to – http://facebook.com.

I can imagine why Facebook would want everyone to have Facebook as their homepage, but I can’t really seem to understand the user’s perspective here. Why would anybody want to have facebook as their default homepage? Is Facebook that important to you?

Well apparently, 11% of U.S. online consumers have said that Facebook is the first thing they check after going online. You can read the complete report here, pretty interesting stats.

According to another report, sharing stuff on facebook is now more popular than sharing via email.

So these trends basically tells us that users are using facebook more and most importantly, finding different uses for it. It would be really interesting to see where this trend lead us to in a year from now.

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  • Reply Daniel |

    Like you said, why would anyone want facebook as their homepage, i think thats getting a little obsessive. you said that just over 11% of americans would rather send info via facebook than e-mail, is this going to kill the sites that are dependant on thier e-mail traffic? who knows.

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