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Facebook Document Collaboration & Sharing using Docs.com

Facebook founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerburg has announced today that facebook will be launching a collaborative document editing & sharing tool in partnership with Microsoft based on the latest Office 2010.

This new docs.com site will enable Facebook users for the first time to create and share Microsoft Office documents directly with all their Facebook friends, using the typical Office tools that most people are already familiar with.

Lily Ching, General manager of Microsoft Fuse Lab writes:

“It’s been quite a sprint for the FUSE team to deliver this beta – from concept to its initial implementation in less than four months. The FUSE Labs mission is to explore a range of “Future Social Experiences”. In this exploration it’s our belief that we may increase the value of Office ‘docs’ by giving everyone the ability to seamlessly take their friends and connections with them from Facebook to docs.com.”

“…The fact that we’ve been able to adapt the Office 2010 “Web Apps” technology to work directly with Facebook truly speaks to the flexibility and power not just of the Facebook platform, but also of the Office system’s rich “contextual collaboration” capabilities. And we’d never have been able to achieve our critical ‘simplicity’ goals had it not been for our ability to use a new test feature from Facebook that allows us to build an instantly personalized and seamless document authorization & sharing experience directly from our site.”

Mashable reports that Docs.com will be launched within few hours from now. The domain – docs.com is already active and it allows you to link your Facebook profile with their platform. However it doesn’t let you create any document’s yet so I guess we will need to wait until its officially launched.

However if you want to have a feel of how the documents will look like take a peek at Lilly Cheng’s document archive. She has a bunch of powerpoint and word documents out there which looks absolutely fabulous on my browser. By the first look of it, it seems like when users share a document on their profile other users will be able to comment on the document which will then show up on their wall as well as the document’s sidebar.

facebook docs.com - Document collaboration & Sharing

You can follow the Facebook Docs (docs.com) team on Twitter: @docs4fb for more real-time updates. Also don’t forget to follow the brains behind docs.com – FuseLabs

Can this be a Google Wave Killer?

P.S – I don’t know why this always happens with Microsoft, but every time they launch something they are never very clear about the name. Now I don’t really know what to call this – Facebook Docs, Microsoft Docs, Docs.com (which isn’t really a name).

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