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Download WordPress 2.8 Beta 1

wordpress-2-8-beta WordPress has recently announced their WordPress 2.8 Beta 1.

You can easily download WordPress 2.8 Beta 1, here, and also leave your feedback for the developers, here. This is not a final release, so don’t update your blog just yet, as it may have a lot of bugs and loop holes.

So what to expect in the new WordPress 2.8? Well they have put up a whole list here.

How to try WordPress 2.8 Beta in a safe way?

If you are really interested to try out this new beta but don’t want to screw up any of your blog up by doing an upgrade,I strongly suggest that you do a fresh installation of this version on a sub-folder of your website/blog. There you can play with it without having to worry about any problems it might cause.

If you are too cautious or don’t have a web hosting account yet, You can download this free program called – EasyPHP, which has a built in MySQL DB Server and Apache Web server that can run quietly on your Windows taskbar. It replicates an actual web hosting account with access to database and a webserver and can run any html/php web platform like wordpress smoothly on your own computer. You don’t even need an active internet connection to try this!

So have you tried out WordPress 2.8 Beta 1 already? Share your views in the comments!


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