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Dell PCs will come with Microsoft Live Search

Dell LogoMicrosoft has recently signed a major deal with the Pioneer PC Manufacturing company – Dell. According to a source Dell will be shipping new PCs with Microsoft’s Live Search toolbar preinstalled with their operating system.

Even though Microsoft & Dell officials has denied to comment on this deal, ZDnet’s source has confirmed that Microsoft has offered Dell sweet enough terms to entice the PC maker to replace its search-preload deal with Google with a comparable offering from Microsoft.

This is not the first time Microsoft has partner with a PC vendor. According to ZDnet, in March 2007 Microsoft has signed a search-preload deal with Lenovo. Under terms of that agreement, Lenovo agreed to preload Live Search and Windows Live services — delivered via the integrated MSN toolbar — on all new Lenovo consumer laptops.

OEM deals with big companies are just one way Microsoft is looking to grow their search user base. Microsoft is also considering re-branding their Live Search with a more brand-able name – Kumo. (This move by Microsoft was however criticized by a lot of technologists & brand experts).

I am wondering what did Google do to piss Dell off? Because until now Google was the primary & default search for all Dell computers.

So, what do you think ?