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Create your Own Social News Site in Seconds


Ever wanted to run your own version of Digg.com, Reddit.com or other social news sites? Slinkset lets you do just that! With this cool service, you will get your own social news running in a matter of seconds.

After looking at some of the examples, I am pretty impressed by Slinkset’s ability & customization options. The best part about using Slinkset to develop your own social news site is – you can actually host this whole thing under your own domain. So if you have a big community driven blog, I believe you can just create a subdomain like – news.yourname.com and run slinkset there where people can vote up/down some of your stories (along with some other stories from external sources). And if you can do things right, I believe this can actually turn into a very useful addition for your site and a great source of traffic + links too.

How to Create your own Social News site using Slinkset

Let me briefly go over the simple steps that you can follow to create your own social news site. Firstly do sign up with Slinkset (it won’t even take you a minute). After signing up, you will have a blank news site (duh!), so you can add sources of stories easily via specifying their RSS feeds. So for example if I want to make a Social news site around the “Technology” niche then I’d probably add feeds of all the popular Tech blogs that are out there.

So as you start adding RSS sources, you will notice that your News page will start showing stories from all those sources. The page layout looks almost like reddit.com with a vote up/down button and also button for comment, edit and kill. Here is an example layout:


How Does the Social Influence Work?

Well, just like any other social news website – when people starts to comment and vote on the stories, it will influence the position of the story. Stories voted “up” pushes their position more towards the top and stories voted “down” will naturally go down. If a story is voted down many times then it gets pushed out of the page – buried! The commenting area is very similar to what you have probably seen in reddit.

News Story Submission & Moderation

There is a “submit” button for the users of your social news site to submit their articles. If you are worried about spam then there is a editorial mode where you can appoint editors who will only have the privilege (apart from you) to add new stories.

Some Highlights of Slinkset

User Management: You have complete control over your users. You can ban a user if he abuses your service or for whatever reason you like. (You are the boss, remember?)

Custom Design: Slinkset allows you to use Custom CSS to really change the look and feel of your new social news site. If you are not very good with CSS, no problem – they also have options to play with the basic design elements like colours and all.

Story Management: You can add categories to keep your stories in logical groups. You can also force your submitters to use categories during their submission. By default the stories on your home page doesn’t have any thumbnails, however you can turn on the “show thumbnail’ option to show little thumbnails right next to each story ( just like digg).

Advertising / Revenue Opportunity: You can use the sidebar section and insert your own own HTML Code. So definitely the sidebar would be a nice place to display some adsense block or other advertising in order to monetize your news site.

Slinkset is currently looking to add more cool features! If you have an idea, you can shere them in their help site which is also powered by Slinkset, Check it out at – http://help.slinkset.com/. Oh, and don’t forget to Follow @slinkset on twitter and let them know how awesome they are.


So, what do you think ?