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backupify-logo If you live in the cloud like many of us then one of your greatest fear is probably the fear of loosing it all! Just imagine how much data we feed into the cloud everyday — Twitter updates, Facebook Updates, Pictures, Emails, blog and so on. So basically we are trusting many different services and putting all our efforts in their hands assuming that they are going to keep all our data safe forever. But remember, disaster may happen in the cloud as well. For instance, one day you might just login to Gmail account and see that those 999 emails you had before is gone or all the pictures you uploaded on flickr in the last 5 years is just not there any more. What would you do?

Most of the cloud services that we use today are FREE, thus the companies that provide these services offers very limited or no technical support to an ordinary user like you and me! So recovering your data or even getting them to look into your issue may take weeks if not months! So definitely you will need a failsafe so that in case anything happens you will still have your data for restoration or even just for your access.

Backupify has created a very interesting product that lets you backup your personal clouds. No matter where you are and what online services you use, backupify probably has it covered. It currently supports over 15+ online services including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, WordPress, Friendfeed, Flickr, Delicious, Zoho, Google Docs and many more. It is also in the process of including Youtube, Tumbler, Xmarks very soon.

How Does Backupify Work?

Backupify is very simple to use. You sign up as a FREE user (Only until 31st January 2010), and you will get unlimited storage to backup all your data that you have on the cloud. After signing up you will be given the option to add the services that you would like backupify to backup for you Daily / Weekly. You will just need to set this thing up once and this service will keep on backing up your data forever! Did I just say forever? Yes thats right folkes! If you sign up before 31st January 2010, your backupify account will remain FREE for life! However, those of you who join after 31st January 2010 will have to pay a yearly fee.

Backupify Cloud Backup Done Right!

How to Get a Free Backupify Account?

To Register, simply go to: http://www.backupify.com and fill up a small registration form. Make sure that you sign up before 31st January to have a free life-time account.

Some Features of Backupify

  • Backup your data from various web services including Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, Zoho, Google Docs, Photobucket, WordPress etc.
  • You can automatically tell Backupify to backup your data either daily or weekly
  • Your data is 100% safe. Backupify uses Amazon S3 for their storage which has been an industry standard for many years now.
  • You will receive email notification every time a backup is performed. You can also check the backup history from your Account control panel
  • Signup before 31st January 2010 and get a FREE account for life!

Interview with the Backupify Co-Founder Rob May

I managed to do a small email interview with the Co-Founder/President of Backupify, Rob May. Most of the basic Q&A about backupify are already on their FAQ Section. However here are some interesting ones that Rob answered for me:

Me: How much would you be charging users after 31st January 2010?
Rob: $49/year for unlimited usage per user.

Me: For backup of services like Facebook & Twitter, what exact data do you back up? (e.g. Status updates, Friends List)? How can a user restore these data back when a disaster happens?
Rob: Twitter backup includes friends, followers, updates, DMs, favorites. Facebook backup includes status updates, wall posts, photos, notes, links. Neither can be directly restored because we can’t time stamp data when we push it back to the service, we can only post it at the present moment, so if we re-tweet all of your tweets they wouldn’t have the right time and date.

Me: For wordpress backup, do you take a backup of the whole word press database? During a failure, can a user just get the .sql file from backupify for restoration? Do you also backup the wordpress files & uploads?
Rob: Yes, we back up the whole db and file structure. A user should be able to upload the sql to the database and ftp the files back to the server and have the whole thing back and working.

Me: What is the future plan of Backupify? Any chance of you working closely with the service providers so that they can provide you a better way of backing/restoring?
Rob: Yes, we are working on an API that other services can use to integrate with us. We are also integrating more storage options other than Amazon S3.

Thanks a lot Rob for your time! I wish Backupify all the best! It is indeed a great product and I’m already loving it. So if you still haven’t signed up yet and don’t want to pay the $49/year, here is your chance! Register before 31st January 2010 and you will get a free account for life!

Visit the Backupify Homepage today for more info.


  • Reply Tom - marketing tips |

    Great idea.At the moment I use a Buffalo ministation USB harddrive to backup my important files.Until now there has not been an easy way to backup content from social sites as well.

  • Reply Veron |

    This is gr8. Most of us here depend on the Internet in some way or another, and the data we feed into it is often taken for granted.

    From that interview you did, I find it interesting that the restored data would not be timestamped correctly. It seems like they are working entirely independently from the various services. I imagine it would be a massive flood of retweets and updates when the backup is restored. People that were previously on your lists would probably need to add you back etc.

    I have signed up to backup my Twitter and more will follow later. (Quite apprehensive about letting another party have access to my Gmail for now). The WordPress plugin looks interesting. Most of us already have our own WP backups in place, but it’s a good measure to backup your backups. Hehe

  • Reply Saad Kamal |

    @Veron – I agree that restoring twitter isnt such a good idea, unless they can make a deal with twitter and do it at the back end.

    However the whole idea is to have a copy of whatever that you are doing online. Because its your work and you should have access to it! Just imagine, if twitter just decides to wipe you off, your 10s and 1000s of tweets in the last couple of years will be totally gone. If you use backupify they can give you back your tweets in a nice PDF of html format which you can later print out or maybe even post on your blog (just for the record..).

    For wordpress, they backup the WHOLE settings/themes as well which the wordpress backup plugins usually doesn’t do. So maybe you know you have a backup but that backup is just a backup of the SQL database (your posts). So your server crashes and you restore the database, it will be missing all the pictures in your WP-Uploads folder. Even if you have the pictures on your local drive, it will be a pain to just put them in the right order in sub folders.

    But ofcourse you may have a different backup solution in place, but most of the people only backup their “database” and not the whole directory (with theme,settings etc).

    About Gmail, i know how you feel. But the good thing is for most of these services they dont store your password and they use the existing authorization program that the company has in place. (e.g. Facebook Connect, Twitter Oath, Google Connect etc.).

    They also give you the option to use your own amazon S3 account so basically you can just use their technology but the data is stored on your server that you control and has full access too.

  • Reply Kristin |

    Thanks for covering our company! It is always great to hear others speak about our service and their satisfaction with the backups!
    -Kristin, Marketing Analyst for Backupify

  • Reply Lonnie |

    It’s in reality a great and useful piece of info. I am happy that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

    Feel free to surf to my page – Lonnie

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