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Recover your Google Password via SMS

google-password-recoverWe often tend to forget things as we grow older and sometimes we depend heavily on others when it comes to remembering things. Take a look at your browser for instance, every website that you go to that requires a log in account, any standard browser like – Firefox, IE, Safari or Chrome asks you whether you would like to save the password. And in most of the cases we do save the password and then forget about it, as our dear browser takes care of it for us.

But what happens when you format your computer or move to a different PC and you don’t have that password saved anymore and you have no clue of what you have set as your password?! Well that’s when you use another friendly tool that is available with most of the web services today, that lets you to recover your password once you have forgotten it.

Cristelle Blackford, an Online Operations Strategist of Google blogged about the same issues. She mentioned that, recovering passwords is one of the top reasons why people visit the Gmail Help Center. So to make things even easier for people Google has introduced a way to recover your Google password via SMS.

How to Recover Your Google Password via SMS

In order to take advantage of this password recovery option, you will first need to setup your Mobile phone with your Google account.

First of all just sign in to your Google account via the link: https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount and select, select ‘Change Password Recovery Options,’ enter your cell phone number and click ‘Save.’


So the next time you forget your password, enter your user name on the Google password-assistance page, and Google will send you a recovery code via SMS. So you don’t need to check your secondary email account or even leave the page.

Try to have as many password recovery options as possible so that you never lose your password. Google currently allows you to recover your password via a secondary email, security question and of course the new addition – SMS.

Find Creative Commons Images

creative-commons-logoIf you are a blogger, you would know how hard it is sometimes to find a picture that matches or explains the thing that you are writing about. Well different Image search engines like Google Image Search, Yahoo Image search & Bing Image Search has so far made it easy to find images, however you really should make sure that you don’t use images without the permission of its original owner, and sometimes its just not possible to afford the licensing fees for professional photographers.

And that’s where Creative Commons license kicks in. Creative Commons licenses allow an individual or an artist to specify the ways others may use their work (e.g. photos). Artists can license their images for general reuse, or for noncommercial reuse only. They can also decide whether or not to grant people the right to modify or remix their images. Once they’ve chosen to make their work available online under these terms. So basically images that are licensed under Creative Commons can be used freely without any issues as long as you abide by the appropriate licensing policy/requirements.



How To Find Creative Commons Images

Official Google blog just reported that they have added in a neat filter in Google Image Search that allows you to particularly search for images under the creative commons license.


To enable this feature, simply go to the advanced image search page in Google Image Search. Under the “Usage rights” section, you can select the type of license you’d like to search for, such as those marked for reuse or even for commercial reuse with modification. Your results will be restricted to images marked with CC or other licenses. Once you confirm the license of the image and you have to make sure that your use will comply with the terms of the license (such as proper attribution to the image’s owner) etc.

This feature is currently being rolled out to everyone, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it just yet.

Translate Your Word and PDF Documents

translate-documentsIf you have a lot of documents sitting on your computer that you can’t read because they are in a different language – Google translate has just the right solution for you. Today few blogs has reported that Google Translate has added in the feature that allows you to upload your document and let it translate your document on the fly! This was definitely a must needed feature because previously we had to use different hacks or 3rd party services to translate an entire document in the language of our choice.

How to Translate your Document using Google Translate

Google has made it very easy to translate your document using Google Translate. Simply visit the Google Translate website – http://translate.google.com and click on the link “upload a document“, this will immediately bring on an extra input field where you will be able to browse and select your document from your computer.

google translate documents

I have personally tested this service and I’m quite happy with it. The only thing that sort of bothered me is the loss of formatting once the document is translated into a foreign language. The reason it happens is because, Google first converts the document into HTML and then translates it to your desired language. But at least even with the broken formatting, the documents are pretty readable.

But I’m wondering if this can be improved in some way. So what’s your thought on this? Please share in comments.

Register .CM Domain Names

If you are a domainer and make a living on it then you will probably appreciate the news that I’m about to share. Techcrunch is reporting that, one of the most talked about domain extension – yourname.cm is now available for pre order until end of this month (31st July).


Whats so cool about .CM extension? Well apparently many people when typing in a regular url often mistype .com as .cm (leaving out the “o” in the middle). And any typical domain cybersquatter will know what this means! Millions of people are mistyping .com and if you own some of the major branded domain names with the .CM extension then you can really make a fortune out of it by plainly serving ads on those pages or free traffic by redirecting them to your primary domain.

I personally don’t think buying existing branded .CM version of the domains for traffic is a good idea. As after some time those big brands will come after you with lawsuits and you will eventually have to giveaway your domain name. However it might be perfect for you if you are looking for a very brand able domain name for your new start up or web project

Where and How to Register .CM Domain

Namejet.com is taking a pre-order of .CM domain absolutely Free of charge via this web form:

The process is very simple. Simply fill out the forms and pre-orders the domains that you would want to grab. If you are the only bidder, NameJet will not charge you any additional fees and your 2-yr registration fee will be charged by your domain name provider. However if there is more than one bidder then there is going to be a closed auction via email and the highest bidder will get hold of the domain. Domains sold via auction will be charged an additional fee of $350.

Frequently Asked Questions – .CM Domain Registration

What is .CM? Why should I register a .CM?
.CM is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Cameroon. The .CM registry has previously only allowed registrations under .CO.CM, .COM.CM and .NET.CM, meaning this is your chance to register a second level .CM domain name. Although best known for being just one letter and keystroke away from a few of the most highly recognizable domains, .CM provides many potential benefits:

  • Secure natural traffic to your site
  • Expand your domain portfolio with available and highly valuable domains
  • Protect your brand to avoid any misleading uses of your name
  • Help battle poverty in Africa – each domain sold will contribute to multiple initiatives to grow the African market and end poverty

Can anyone register a .CM name?
Yes! There are no residency requirements for .CM names. You can live anywhere in the world and register a .CM domain.

When can I submit my Pre-Order?

The .CM Pre-Order Landrush is open for the general public to submit Pre-Orders now through Friday, July 31st. The general public can register .CM domains starting Saturday, August 1st, 2009 on a first come, first served basis for those names that were not pre-ordered during the Landrush period.

Protect your Brand/Business names by pre ordering the .CM extension of your domain name(s)!

Nokia’s Ideas Project

nokia ideas project Last February Nokia launched a brand new community website called “Ideas Project“, which is an online information vault designed to help people like you to find and understand the relationship and correlations between the industry pioneers and the big ideas.

The site revealed many fascinating insights and disruptive ideas of some of the web’s most visionary and influential big thinkers into the future of network communications, highlighting where technology and communication may be taking us in the near future.

This big initiative from Nokia brought together some of the industry technologists, experts, university professors, venture capitalists and bloggers for an on-going conversation on a variety of topics including cloud computing, global social issues, new application areas such as genetics and social networking etc. A complete list of topics can be found here.

Blogger Robert Scoble (scobleizer.com), who himself started a similar project called Building43 not long ago, said in a video interview that refinement of search-capability, being done by himself and others to monitor trends in the aggregation of real-time social Web data, will make it possible for individuals to obtain a stream of desired information based on personal preferences. Scoble believes this development will have similar game-changing implications for users of social media applications such as Facebook.

New extremely powerful tools are coming out enabling you to build specific, advanced searches that can help you identify patterns of usage and review what people are saying around a specific topic,” said Scoble. “I feel something is just about to happen that will make it possible for you to tell this world, I’m interested in “X” and have a stream of “X” come at you.

Social Search Will Revolutionize Society’s Access to Information

Do you have an Idea to share? Head over to Nokia’s Ideas Project and share your big idea with the whole world. The editors’ favorites will receive a free Nokia N95 phone!

Twittorati – The Technorati of Twitter

If you are a hard core twitter user then you will love Twittorati, which is a brand new site from the popular media search engine Technorati.

According to Techcrunch’s report, Twittorati pulls in the Tweets published by bloggers from Technorati’s list of Top 100 Blogs, which is basically determined by Technorati’s Authority Ranking. Authority Ranking is calculated via algorithm of inbound links from other blog posts, and weights those based on timing, relevancy and the inbound link’s site source Authority Ranking.


On the home page, they currently have 4 main section to show the most popular links that bloggers link to, the most popular photos, the most recent tweets by the top 100 bloggers and also the top 100 blogs with all the authors twitter profile. If you are looking to follow bloggers from the Internet’s most influential blogs then you should head over to this page.

The twitter feed on their home page, which shows the most recent tweets of the top 100 blogs can be sorted by authority as well as by most recent tweets. Clicking on the name of any of the top blogs in the sidebar nicely groups all the tweets from the authors of that particular blog.

Even though Twittorati is nothing ground breaking, but I think its a decent tool to keep your tabs on the tech industry. You can follow Twittorati on Twitter: http://twitter.com/twittoratinews

Google Chrome OS to Launch in 2010

google chrome os

The official Google blog has announced earlier today that Google is coming up with a new operating system called “Google Chrome OS“.

Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management and Linus Upson, Engineering Director writes:

Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010. Because we’re already talking to partners about the project, and we’ll soon be working with the open source community, we wanted to share our vision now so everyone understands what we are trying to achieve.

So it looks like all the previous speculation is indeed true! Lets look at whats the deal here – Google has been very successful on the web with their search engine and several other web properties and next they sort of tapped into the browser and mobile OS market withchrome browser and Android (Mobile OS). And now they will be competing head on head with software giant Microsoft in the OS market with Chrome OS!

Well I think everyone saw it coming, when Google released chrome they mentioned that its more than just a browser, its a platform where web applications can be built on. So basically the Chrome OS will eventually be something like a cloud based operating system and for people who mostly use computer for the internet will find this very fascinating.

Google Chrome OS will basically run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and Google is working hard with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market in 2010.

The software architecture is pretty straight forward, You can look at Chrome OS as the Google Chrome browser running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel. For application developers, the web is the platform. All web-based applications will automatically work with Chrome OS (as they are both the same platform) and new applications can be written using your favorite web technologies.

The best part about developing web applications is that they are pretty much platform independent, the apps that you develop will run not only on Google Chrome OS, but on any standards-based browser on Windows, Mac and Linux thereby giving you as a developer the largest user base of any platform.

I’m really looking forward to this new Chrome OS. I really can’t wait to get my hands on one of the netbooks running Chrome.

What others are saying about Google Chrome OS:

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Check the rest of the stories on Techmeme .

Google Finally ditched the “BETA” Label

gmail out of beta

Whenever Google comes out with a product, you will notice that it is always in “BETA”. For many years Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and many other awesome google products has been under Beta.

Google’s VP of Search, Marissa Myers was once asked, about Google’s common practice of keeping everything in Beta. In her reply she mentioned that when it comes to software ‘beta’ basically refers to something that is incomplete or in other words ‘buggy’. But Google looks at the whole thing very differently; As the life cycle of the web services that Google comes up with is always evolving so they never consider it as the final product. At that time, I was wondering why don’t they put Google search under beta? It’s also always changing & improving every day!

Anyway it seems like Google has now finally decided to take off the Beta label from Gmail, along with 4 other major google products including – Google Docs, Calender & Gtalk.

Gmail has been in Beta for over 5 years, so why go out of Beta now? Matthew Glotzbach, director of product management for Google Enterprise, said on reply that the beta tag “just doesn’t fit for large enterprises that aren’t keen to run their business on software that sounds like it’s still in the trial phase. Google basically sells a bundle of its applications, including Gmail, Calendar and Docs, to businesses via Google Apps. Businesses don’t like the idea of buying something that is not ‘complete’ (or in Beta).

So basically by lifting of the beta label, Google’s paying customers will be happy. But if you are a regular users who wants to see Gmail in beta forever, You can simply go to “Labs” under “Settings” and choose the “Back to Beta” option, which restores the little “beta” label to the logo. Funny isn’t it?

Bing Translator

bing-translator Do you ever come across a situation where you need to quickly translate a page or some text which is not in the language that you speak? Then you should really give the new Bing Translatorhttp://www.bing.com/translator a try.

Bing Translator currently supports about 15 languages including – English, Dutch, French, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese Korean, Russian, Spanish and many more. If you have previously used any translation service like Google Translate, then you probably already know how to use it. Bing Translator has a very easy to use interface, just dump some text or a URL in the left hand box on the page and select the source language (auto-detect is default) and select the language that you wish your text/website to be translated to and finally click translate!

bing translator screenshot

This neat thing about this particular translation tool is – if you are translating a website, bing automatically opens both the original and the translated page side by side in a frame. If you click on a particular section of the page it also highlights that portion of the page in the translated version. So in terms of usability, I personally find Bing Translator awesome. However Google Translate supports more languages at this point of time but I’m sure that Bing will catch up with them in no time.

bing translation example

So if you ever need any translation done try Bing Translator!

Free Website Monitoring with Pingdom

pingdom free website monitoring If you are running your own blog or website then chances are that you often get paranoid about your site’s downtime. Personally I have switched at least a dozen of web hosts before I found just the right one that gave me almost 100% uptime to date.

And trust me, it not easy to find the right web host for you. I remember back in 2008, I was pretty active in the social media sites like – Digg, Reddit & Stumble Upon. I have got my website in the front page and got massive traffic from all these site over and over again. But the first time it happened, I was not ‘ready’ to handle all the traffic and my site went down within the first 10 mins. The host I was working with back then didn’t even want to admit that they just can’t handle this much traffic for the price I was paying.

But anyway, later I sort of got around that and tweaked my blog to make sure that such downtime won’t come again. But few days later it happened again…and then again! I was really frustrated as I was putting in a lot of effort at that time to get all these traffic, but every day I have a downtime of over 30-45 mins!

Thats when I switched to a new host – Hostgator (well they aren’t exactly new to me, I have done business with them since 2004), however I never really stuck with them because at that time their servers were a bit expensive for me. The projects I was running at that time required me to have a dedicated server and so I was always looking around for a more affordable solution. One lesson that i learnt is, if you trust a particular web host you should stick with them regardless of what their ratings/reviews say or how much they charge. Now I have a Reseller account with HG and I am running all my sites there without any problem.

Anyway, I am a bit off topic here, the main question on the table today is how do you know when your website goes down? You can’t obviously monitor in 24/7, right? So how do you know that your website is still up and running when you are asleep at 3 in the morning?

Monitor your Website for Free with Pingdom

After all my troubled experience with many web hosting companies, I heard about Pingdom from Yoast. They had a free 14 day trial, so I signed up and from that day onwards I never had to worry about my website’s downtime! Pingdom automatically checks my website every 1 min to see if my website is up and running. If it fails to access my site for any reason (e.g. site is down), Pingdom automatically sends an email and also an SMS to my mobile phone! Their online dashboard is rich with statistics and graphs which tells you exactly how long your site was down with detailed time stamps. So if your web host claims that they give you 99.9% uptime, you should use Pingdom to find out whether their claim is actually true or not.

Pingdom was not free and it was a paid service. However if your website is important to you, I don’t think you would mind paying that small fee. But many bloggers and small scale website would have found the price point a bit expensive. But guess what the good news is?!

Pingdom is Available for Free

Yes! Now you can Signup for a Free Pingdom account and monitor 1 website with 20 Free SMS Credit. It just takes 2 mins to signup and you are done! After you signup, Pingdom will start monitoring your website and will tell you everytime it goes down! And with the 20 Free SMS credit, you will be informed even when you are not in front of your PC.

pingdom free website monitoring

And if you run out of that 20 SMS, then you need to seriously consider getting a new webhost! I’d seriously recommend you to go to Hostgator – They have awesome support and near 100% uptime.

You can signup for just 1 cent ($0.01) for the first month and try out their awesome service! Use the Coupon Code – “404PAGE”.

And don’t forget to Signup for a Free Piangdom Account and make sure that your website or blog is running 24/7!

Limitation of the Free Pingdom Account

There is actually no real limitation of the Free Pingdom Account. Its not some sort of trial offer, your account is completely free but you will only be able to monitor one website or server. So if you run one website/blog then this account is perfectly suitable for your needs. If you need to track more than one site, then you may want to signup for their paid service. For your free pingdom account to be kept alive you will need to log in to the Pingdom control panel at least once every 90 days.

Feedburner – Change Email Subject Line

feedburner-logo Feedburner is one of the most popular feed management solution that is available today for absolutely free of charge. But because it is free and now owned by Google, the users had to make certain compromises when it came to features. For example for a long time everyone was crying out loud for a way to change their feed email subject line that are automatically sent out from Feedburner; and guess what? there was simply no way of doing that – the subject line was static!

But not anymore! Google adsense for Feeds blog has recently blogged about this new feature that feedburner was supposedly working on for some time. Now if you log in to your feedburner account and go to Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Email Branding, you will be able to change the title of the email that feedburner sends on your behalf and that’s not all, you will now be able to insert the title of your last post in the subject line using their predefined variables.

feedburner email subject line

How to Customize Feedburner Email Subject Line

Just follow the steps and you will be able to change your Feedburner email subject line in no time.

  • Step 1 – Login to your Feedburner account.
  • Step 2 – Go to Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Email Branding
  • Step 3 – Under Email Subject/Title, write what you want your email subject line to be. For example, if you wish to insert the title of your last post you can use ${lastestitemTitle}. So a nice title would be: Your Blog Name – ${lastestitemTitle} (or any other way you prefer).
  • Step 4 – If you have more than one post on a day, then you can also include additional information on the subject line. Check the option, “Change Subject when email has 2 or more…” and it will give you an additional field to refine your subject line.

    Your Blog Name: ${latestItemTitle}
    Your Blog Name: “${latestItemTitle}” plus ${m} more
    Your Blog Name (in this message: ${n} new items)

So what are you waiting for? Check out Feedburner today and customize your feed email subject line!

Google Blog Search – RSS, Hot Queries & Latest Posts

I am a huge fan of Google Blog Search, its pretty much the first place I go to when I’m looking for latest blog posts of my favorite topics like technology, gadgets etc.

Today Google has announced that they have added in some neat feature inside Google Blog Search. So I thought why not give them a quick run down..

1. RSS Subscription: If you are particularly interested about a topic you can now easily follow all the stories of that topic as they come along using your RSS Reader. In case you don’t use a RSS feed reader, Google is also providing an iGoogle gadget that lets you embed the Blog Search front page right inside of your iGoogle home page or any other page where iGoogle gadgets are accepted. Now you can easily browse topics and dig into stories from within the widget, and you can customize the gadget to choose which topics you want to follow and so on. In my opinion this is definitely a nice addition and it should have been there a long back!

2. Hot Queries: Google Blog search now also displays the popular blog searches in a list called “Hot Queries”. It’s an easy way to quickly dive into the trending topics of conversation on the web. Bloggers should definitely keep an eye on this area as this gives a good pointer on what to write about.

3. Latest Posts: This new section sort of displays the new posts from popular blogs right at the Google blog search home page! Google hasn’t provided any criteria on how they select the “popular blogs”, but so far based on my observation I saw that it picks up posts from reputable blogs hosted everywhere (even from blogspot and typepad). So regardless of what blogging platform (free/paid/self hosted) you use, as long as Google thinks your blog has quality – its likely to be picked up.


Optimize your Blog Posts using SEO Blogger Tool

If you are a blogger and want to make sure that each post that you write gets enough exposure on the search engines like Google or Bing, then you should start optimizing your post a bit by having some of the important & semantically related keywords on your post title, body & Meta description.

How Do I Manually Optimize my Blog Posts?

Usually when I start writing post, I use Google Keyword Tool to figure out the search volume of a 2-3 word long tail keyword that I plan to use in the HTML Title tag. I usually choose 2-3 keywords that has a moderate amount of search volume and less competition in the Google Search Engine. (To check the competition, I simply do a search for those keyword in Google with “double quotes” and also with allintitle: tag).

Once I find the best keywords (the ones with high/moderate search volume and low competition), I use them in my title tag and also in the “meta description” of that particular post. If you are using a wordpress plugin like All-in-one-SEO, it should be relatively easy for you to change the title and the other meta tags of any individual post. I also use a lot of variations and semantically related keywords of my primary keyword on the sub headers (h2, h3 tags) and the body of the post. Usually my posts always contains images or screen shots illustrating the subject of my post, thus I also use some of the keywords in the alt and title tag of the images as well. These are some of the basic optimization strategy that I have been using to optimize each and every blog post that I write here. It is often a bit time consuming, but it really worth the effort when you see all the traffic coming in from many long tail keywords.

Optimizing your Blog Posts – The WordTracker Way!

Last week, Wordtracker, a major player in the keyword research industry launched an awesome free SEO tool for bloggers called – SEO Blogger.

SEO Blogger is a plugin for Firefox which allows you to carry out keyword research, when you are writing your blog post. It is very simple to use, you just install this add-on and a small Wordtracker button will appear at the bottom of your browser and whenever you click that their keyword search tool will load within your browser. So if you are writing a blog post you can load it easily alongside your screen and it can really help you to do some fantastic keyword research for your blog post.


Basically you type in a word you would like to research, and it will give you back related keywords with search volumes alongside it. So you can then choose which ones to target by adding them to your chosen keywords list. Once you do that it will automatically keep a count of how many times you have mentioned that particular key phrase on your post to give you some rough idea about your keyword density for that particular keyphrase.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of WordTracker, I’m still really happy that I have a tool that is very easily accessible within my browser. Will this make me stop using other keyword tools? Absolutely not! But this will definitely save me some time!

Download it FreeSEO Blogger (Wordtracker Firefox Addon for Keyword Research)

Winners Circle – Internet Marketing Case Studies

winners-circle-review I am sure a lot of you often have this question in the back of your mind – “What do I need to excel in Internet Marketing and become successful on the web?” One of the most important things that you definitely need is the willingness to try out new things and also your ability to take some challenges and risks.

All marketers will agree that they learn things from experience and not by reading a book. Books often give out the ground concept (which is important), but it usually never gives out the actual scenario and cases which is a very essential learning experience for any student wanting to learn something new.

Studies have shown that case studies attached with some of the newer text books in the colleges and Universities are now more welcomed by the students & the professors because they have really seen the benefits of going through real-life scenarios rather than just grasping bookish concepts. But due to corporate red tapes & competition, big companies never actually gives out their secret ‘formula’, but rather they give generalized cases and best practices out to the publishing companies for printing in the text books.

Now Imagine the same thing for Internet Marketing, If you could really find out the ‘secret formula’ of some individual/company that became successful on the web – you can probably take a thing or two out from their formula and implement them on your own. So there might be a thing that took an expert 3 years to figure out, but if once you get that formula it will probably take you an hour rather than the 3 years that he spent perfecting it.

Winners Circle is a subscription based service to the Digital Library of all real Internet Marketing cases studies, with actual facts/figures & details that you won’t find anywhere. Imagine sitting on a cineplex and going over the secret strategy of some of the very successful entrepreneurs who are making a living now on the web by earning substantial revenue from their website/

It really took a lot of research by Gyutae Park – the facilitator of this digital library, who has done really an incredible job of researching, spying & combining all this information in one place – Winners Circle.

What’s Inside Winners Circle

1. Site analysis – What defines success? Find out more about the site’s level of traffic, income, and exposure as well as distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the pack.
2. Market Research – What are some of the challenges ahead for the site? Analyze the competitive landscape and look at trends for that specific industry or niche.
3. Traffic Generation Strategies – What are the biggest marketing strategies the site is employing to achieve success? Get ready to rip it apart and look at everything from link building tactics and SEO rankings to viral campaigns and PPC advertising.
4. Monetization Methods – What is the site’s business model and how does it make money? Study the proven business models that work online.
5. Site Potential – What is the long term potential of the site? What can it do to improve? Explore the risks and rewards of launching a similar type of site – and how you can do it better.
6. Key Lessons – So what? Case studies are only as good as the lessons you take away from them. I’ll direct you towards the ideas you should focus on.

Watch the Introduction video of Winners Circle by Gyutae Park

Well, I have personally got the chance to review the product and I must say that it is quite an extensive and “deadly” thing that Gyutae Park is putting out there. Why do I call it “deadly”? Well because, this Digital Library contains information that can really make a huge impact on your success, especially if you are just starting out. So I won’t be surprised if people start using some of these formulas straight away and see success…which will eventually increase the competition for everyone else on the market.

What Winners Circle is NOT

If you have followed my blog, you probably never saw me to promote a product before, and the reason is I never promote something that I personally don’t find useful. So I created a handy list for you to tell you what Winners Circle is NOT.

  • Its not an E-book. Its a subscription to a library which contains the winning formula for your Internet Business
  • There is no Marketing ‘hype’ or ‘mumbo jumbo’. You won’t make a penny, if you just read the materials. But if you implement some of the ideas that other successful businesses used then you might get lucky.
  • This is not the experience /case of any individual person.
  • It is straight to the point, there is NO “promise” or “guarantees” involved. Most of the Internet marketing materials that I came across is usually full of ‘hype’ and the first 50 pages or he first 50 mins of the video is always about what you will be “able” to do after you complete the training and so on. But Winners Circle thankfully doesn’t have those included with the actual material. You get exactly what you subscribe for
  • Its NOT overpriced like most of the marketing products out there. In fact I found it too cheap! Anyone who can afford to go to star bucks once a week for a coffee can try Winners Circle without any serious $$ trouble.

So What are you waiting for? Click the banner below to check out Winners Circle –

Firefox 3.5 RC – 2x Faster than FF 3.0


If you are a Firefox fan like me that you will be happy to know that the Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate (RC) is already out! I’m particularly excited about this version of Firefox is because its very fast compared to the previous version of Firefox (They mentioned that its 2 times faster than Firefox 3.0). The official final release has been scheduled for the end of June but you can just go ahead and download the RC version which works just fine. Read ahead for the download link..

What’s New in Firefox 3.5

There are quite a number of improvements and addition in this new Firefox. Firstly, the thing that really irritated me over the years about Firefox is its poor memory management & leaking problem. I tested this new version vigorously and I feel that it is much more stable than any other Firefox versions ever released. I could easily open 20 over tabs and load videos, java script & ajax on them simultaneously without any lag or memory issue.

I have also noticed a significant increase in Speed on this new release, however having said that – Google’s Chrome is still the fastest in my opinion.

New feature wise, Firefox 3.5 has a private browsing mode – the so-called ‘porn mode’, or as Mozilla’s engineering vice president Mike Shaver called it, in an interview with IT PRO a ”job-hunting mode.” For people who are concerned about their privacy, Firefox 3.5 has a very neat tool that lets users to clear all private data or activity over the past few hours.

It also has ‘tear off tabs’ feature, which basically lets users to drag a tab out of its existing spot and open it in a new window (This has been in chrome and opera for a long time). Firefox 3.5 users can also watch videos inside Firefox browser without the need of installing any plug-ins using open format Ogg Theora files.

Download Firefox 3.5 RC

– Just visit the official Firefox 3.5 RC website – http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.5/releasenotes/

– Click on the “Download Now” link on your right!

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