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Bing Translator

bing-translator Do you ever come across a situation where you need to quickly translate a page or some text which is not in the language that you speak? Then you should really give the new Bing Translatorhttp://www.bing.com/translator a try.

Bing Translator currently supports about 15 languages including – English, Dutch, French, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese Korean, Russian, Spanish and many more. If you have previously used any translation service like Google Translate, then you probably already know how to use it. Bing Translator has a very easy to use interface, just dump some text or a URL in the left hand box on the page and select the source language (auto-detect is default) and select the language that you wish your text/website to be translated to and finally click translate!

bing translator screenshot

This neat thing about this particular translation tool is – if you are translating a website, bing automatically opens both the original and the translated page side by side in a frame. If you click on a particular section of the page it also highlights that portion of the page in the translated version. So in terms of usability, I personally find Bing Translator awesome. However Google Translate supports more languages at this point of time but I’m sure that Bing will catch up with them in no time.

bing translation example

So if you ever need any translation done try Bing Translator!


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