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Alexa Web Search is Shutting Down

alexa-web-searchSo the day has finally come, Amazon has decided to shut down their Alexa Web Search Service.

Here is the copy of the email that Alexa sent out do the developers (Source: TechCrunch):

Dear Alexa Developer,
The Alexa Web Search service will no longer be available to new customers as of November 26, 2008. Use of the service is low, so we are shifting our priorities to other areas where we can provide better service to AWS customers.
The Alexa Web Search service will continue to be operational for 60 days until January 26, 2009. The ProgrammableWeb website offers a list of web services that provide web search.
We apologize for the inconvenience to you.
Thank you,
The Alexa Web Services Team

I tried visiting the official page of Alexa Web Service and I was welcomed with the following notice:


Well I guess it was for Good, who was using Alexa web search anyway? They had such strong competitors like Google, Yahoo & MSN so I guess they have made the right decision to close the service and focus on things that matters.

So, what do you think ?