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$6,500 Alexa Top 1000K List is Now FREE

alexa top 100k sitesAaron wall points out that Alexa has started to give away the list of their Top 1000K Websites for free!

DownloadAlexa Top 1,000,000 Websites List.

Previously Alexa used to sell this list for $6,500 (after 35% discount on the original price $10,000). Now they have just decided to give it away for free, Can you believe it?

Alexa is not alone, it looks like Quantcast was the first one to release such a huge list for Free.

DownloadQuantcast’s Top 1,000,000 Website List.

Why is this List Valuable?

I know you must be thinking – Why is this list valuable? What Can I Do with it?

Well, this list can come handy if you know how to use it. The whole world wide web has billions of websites. If you are interested in media buy, then with this list you research becomes pretty easy.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • You have a travel portal or a travel related product, You want some online exposure for your site that is both effective & affordable. Open the List and search for the keyword “travel” and you will find a lot of travel related sites. Look for sites that are ranked over 50,000 — usually those sites still has substantial amount of traffic but getting them to show your banner advertisement would be cheaper compared to making a deal with some of the top sites.
  • If you just need traffic and you don’t really care about demographic & quality – try searching for “blogspot.com”, “wordpress.com”, “typepad.com” or simply any other popular blog network that you can think of. Chances are you will find a lot of blogs in the list that receives a healthy amount of traffic. And many of those blogs are ‘general’ blogs and tipping them off to show your banner won’t be that hard, provided that both parties are ‘fair’ with their terms.
  • If these sites are getting ‘traffic’ its likely that they are getting the traffic from the search engines (because of their rankings). So try searching for your keywords and see whether you can find some quality sites to get links from

So what else can you do with this list? Share in comments!


  • Reply Shirley |

    Wow. Just giving it away for free! How about that! Alexa has made a lot of changes recently. I wonder what there plans are for the new year.

  • Reply Rev Jeff Lewis |

    On increasing Traffic. Just currious, but nobody seems to mention Traffic exchanges. Granted they cost time, but many of the users are prime candidates for marketing opportunities as well as product. I have made some very good conversions by using specific splash pages. I have sold Marketing and electronics products with a fairly decent conversion rate. Granted you have to surf to earn trafic, unless you want to pay for it, but on most of the manual exchanges you can surf for an hour a day on four or five sites and realize a very decent return for your time.

So, what do you think ?