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Google Adsense Revenue Share, Finally Disclosed!

Finally Google has decided to disclose the exact revenue share percentage that they have been using to split the cut between the Adsense Publishers and how much Google actually generates from their advertisers via the AdWords platform. Webmasters have been dying to know this number ever since Google started adsense back in 2003.

So far this is what Google has released:

Adsense for Content: If you you are an adsense publisher and you are running Adsense for content ads on your site then you get to keep 68 percent of what Google makes off from their advertisers. Thus Google takes 32% revenue share and passes the rest to the publisher. This number is surprisingly very high than what I initially guessed. Some suggested that this figure has been changed by Google recently, however google argues that this has been the figure since the launch of their adsense program.

Adsense for Search: If you using Google’s custom search on your website and using the Adsense for search, you are receiving 51 percent of whatever that Google makes off it’s advertisers.

Google said they will not disclose the revenue share of AdSense for mobile applications, AdSense for feeds, and AdSense for games at this point, but may disclose those revenue share amounts as the products mature.

Why the sudden change of heart about disclosing all these numbers? Well, frankly Google has been under a lot of heat lately because of Anti-trust issues, and SEL reported earlier this month that Italian Government was all over Google to make them reveal this cut for the Italian publishers. I guess finally Google figured out the meaning of being transparent, open and their ‘do-no-evil’ mojo.

Google on it’s Inside Adsense blog writes that it doesn’t guarantee that the revenue share will never change however they don’t have any current plans to do so for any of the AdSense products. In the next few months publisher will be able to see this revenue shares for AdSense for content and search right in the AdSense dashboard.

However do note that if you are a big publisher (especially newspapers or blogs with millions of pageviews), you can ‘negotiate’ a special cut with Google and that are most likely to be more than 68 percent.

But am I surprised with the numbers? Hell yeah!

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